Cash And The City


Save your money for big projects is not an easy task. In addition to controlling your expenses, you need to take notes on what are the best investment options in order to make your money a little more income.

However, for this, the first steps you should take are control and planning. A good way is to resort to specific programs that can assist you in this process. This is precisely the Cash And The City’s proposal, a free application aimed at personal finance.

Taking control

Occupying low disk space, the proposal of the application is that you can centralize all your financial information in the worksheet. Thus, it is possible to add new events, describe spending and revenue, adjust balance sheets and automate specific calculations.

Recurrent expenditure may be software to auto-sum on the tab “Recurrent” If something is wrong in your financial life, you can check out the bullet end directly in numeric fields or through the graphs.

The Organization of the worksheet is also quite flexible, and you can choose whether to display your data in worksheets daily, weekly, monthly or annual. The application is available in English and Spanish and some financial terms, without translation, can confuse the user Brazilian.


Above you gave a complete description about the Cash And The City and its functionalities, know now what we think of him Although possessing many features, the biggest Cash problems And The City is adapting the tool to users in Brazil. Many terms available in English can push users simpler and, for that reason, the tools like Microsoft Excel can be of more value at the time of planning.

The location of the tools is accessible and does not differ much from other programs of the genre. In addition, there is the possibility to order in various ways as information is displayed is another plus point of the software, which occupies less than 1 MB of disk space.

Thus, despite being an application full of possibilities and completely free, because of the terms in another language, only more experienced users or with greater knowledge about the terms of the accounting and financial world may use the program fully.