it’s always nice to know more details about your computer and all of its respective internal parts,  but its  more complex and detailed normal computer users can’t understand it very easily.

You never know when you’ll need to update the driver for the video card, BIOS, audio components or other peripherals that make your machine work properly.

At such times, it is essential to know the exact model of each moving part that composes your valuable PC – and was to facilitate the process of discovery that CPU-Z was created. The utility (which is totally free and runs on all newer versions of the Windows operating system) discriminates in detail all the features of your computer, allowing you to obtain various information about the components of your machine.

Valuable information

There’s no secret in the use of the CPU-Z. The application interface is separated into tabs, with each one of them is an essential component of computer analyzed.

CPU – shows the processor name, ID code, clock rate, amount of cores, cache, etc.;
Caches — shows the size and reports a description of processor caches (information already obtained in previous Guide);
Mainboard – model, chipset, southbridge, tag, BIOS version and other data on the motherboard of the machine;
Memory-type, size, amount of channels, frequency and other details of the RAM;
SPD-reports in which slots are allocated memory Combs;
Graphics – data about the video card (on-board or off-board) installed on your machine.


Saving your data

One of the most interesting functions of the CPU-Z is the ability to save a report containing all data extracted from your computer. Such a report can be saved in HTML or TXT format. To generate it, visit the last tab (“About”), and then click one of the buttons “Save Report” (there are two, one for each output format).

our opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a full description about CPU-Z and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
CPU-Z is a useful program for any user and indispensable for those working in computer maintenance. It works so amazingly simple, displaying only the information that really matter in a friendly and minimalist interface. The latest version – 1.66 – just got better with the addition of the tab “Graphics”, which concerns the PC graphics card reviewed and was sorely missed in the older editions of the utility.

To be perfect, just need a latest version of this software , since many novice users will not be able to understand some technical terms used to refer to some electronic components. Still, it’s worth having this little tool installed in your computer: this utility software will surely be very useful in times of emergency conditions.