FancyKeyboard for IPhone ( IOS 8 )


Speaking of keyboards, here is a free keyboard that will please a lot of people, especially those who frequently use messaging apps like WhatsApp Messenger and others. I’m talking about the FancyKey Keyboard-fancy your chatting with cool Fonts, beautiful Emoji Art and colourful Themes of Pinssible Labs, a keyboard with several color themes, dozens of different sources, and Emojis included.

With 6 color themes available, can immediately adopt the style that best fits the background image from your iPhone. If you want to use the normal text font of the iPhone, they can do it, but what is interesting about this keyboard is the possibility of switching from dozens of different sources (sources aren’t true, but characters and symbols that are adapted to function normally as text), which ultimately give a unique effect to your conversations, according to the emotion I want to express at this time.


If you are fans of fervent Emojis then know they have here available in the keyboard itself all existing iPhone and Emojis even have a section of emotions with various designs created with Emojis to be easier to express any idea or emotion, in a quick way and splendid (or loud, you choose).

In the section of the sources there are styles very well achieved, and that will surprise your friends to exchange messages with them on app of the messages, WhatsApp Messenger, Viber, or any other you use (this is the advantage of these keyboards in iOS8, can be used with any app).

Access to the choice of sources, access to emojis and emotions, can be done directly on the keyboard, touching the respective buttons. It is also here that we have access to keyboard settings and disable the intelligent forecast of words and Emojis, and automatic correction of text (I recommend that you deactivate, because is only available for the English language, being promised to brief an update with automatic correction for more languages).

If they customize the style of the text you write in apps, customize the color of the keyboard itself according to the shades of the iPhone, and have a series of Emojis available faster and practice, so this is a real 3:0 pm 1, and is a keyboard that must have installed on your iPhone, plus being free on the App Store.