G-Shooting Gesture Game App


G-Shooting Gesture Game App


Hello Friends today I am going to introduce you a new and very amazing gaming app named G-Shooting Gesture, this gaming app is having some amazing features that will blow your mind. Most of us like playing game in our leisure time. I will tell you how to play this birds hunting game in following

1. At First Hold your phone with your left hand.

2. Then Make a fist with your right hand and unfold your index finger.

3. Place your right hand in 20 cm distance from the rear view camera of your phone.

4. Make sure that your right hand is within the red guide line.

5. A red cursor appears when your right hand is correctly detected.

6. Get started by hovering the red cursor over the start button for 1 second.

7. Slightly move your hand up, down, left and right to aim at the target.

8. Pause for a second to shoot.

9. Avoid birds and shoot at dishes to earn points.

Enjoy G-Shooting!!