Let’s Preview Apple Watch: A Website called Pipes Created demo of a Smart Apple clock


Application developers News Pipes created a site that demonstrates in real time how does iOS Apple Watch. In this way, the user can test the system, and their performance before the smart clock is released.
to test this site click and visit demoapplewatch.com
The original idea is that users of this application can test how it will work in the smartwatch clock from Apple. However, you can also try other basic apps that are coming into the system, as the app calls or songs, and even third-party products like Instagram and Shazam.
However, it is noteworthy that many of the apps listed are just static images, and may not represent the visual end to their respective developers are planning for them. Anyway, it is still possible to have a good sense of how they will behave in the Apple screen Watch.
The site Demo Apple Watch can also be useful for developers and designers, since it is possible to upload the logo of your own application, to know how he’s going to be on the main screen of the smartwatch clock.
In our tests, the site has become unstable during the early hours of the morning, and presented difficulties to run both in Chrome and Firefox. At the time this was written, the demo was running normally, but can still see the present instability.