Photo Grid HD


The Photo Grid is a perfect application for anyone who wants to make photographic montages and don’t know anything about professional editing programs, or don’t want to waste time going through the photos to the computer. With it, you can create dashboards or mounts with a retro style to share with your friends on social networks.

To begin, choose the job you want to do. You can choose between the Panel Assembly or Assembly free. Then select the pictures with which you will work and confirm the selection. Ready! The Photo Grid already creates a montage. So, your task is to choose the background image for the Assembly and the position of the pictures in the Panel.

When you choose the alternatives as you prefer, your photo is ready to be shared. Then, simply select the button to save the result, which is in the upper right corner of the screen.
our opinion
Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Photo Grid HD and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The Photo Grid is an application very easy to use and that brings results quite satisfactory. The biggest advantage of the app is that you can do really cool mounts with a few taps on the screen and without relying on complex tools.

The layout of the app, as well as being simple and intuitive, has colors, shadows and textures very well made, which helps keep the Photo Grid even more enjoyable to use. All buttons have icons that show exactly his duties. Thus, it is much simpler to understand how each tool works.

The variety of panels and the back is also an advantage because it allows you to combine the mounts as the theme of the photos. You can make montages with photos of their children or travel, for example, and the Photo Grid has options to match any situation.

The only problem of the Photo Grid is that it can present some problems depending on the device used. In tests done by the team of Arcade, the app did very well on a Samsung Galaxy W, but responded with flaws in a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, both with the 2.3 version of Android.