The ZenMate is an extension for Google Chrome which allows you to generate IPs (unique codes of computers) to different locations so that you can access sites restricted in certain countries and protect your privacy.

Browsers traffic is completely encrypted, ensuring greater safety for anyone who wants to access sites that have some blockage by region or only to protect your data from malicious services.

The extension is installed easily and does not add sites or undesirable advertisements to Google Chrome. Make a quick registration is required before using the service, but nothing that demands a long time. Once properly installed, is allowed to select the cities that the navigation data will be rerouted. Among the options available are London, New York, Zurich, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

The ZenMate has a very simple interface, only an icon is next to the field of URLs in the browser to indicate that the service is working – there aren’t many settings that can be made in addition to choosing the cities. There are almost no drop in speed when using this extension, which is pretty interesting for all users. During our sites, we were able to access sites such as Pandora and Spotify without problems. For those who want to protect the IP and access restricted content by region, the ZenMate is efficient.
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Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the ZenMate and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The ZenMate is a practical and efficient extension for Google Chrome for those who wish to surf the internet more safely or access blocked websites by certain countries. In our tests, the program didn’t leave the slow computer, running perfectly well in conjunction with other applications.


Even people who don’t have much familiarity with this kind of service can use the ZenMate without problems, since the configuration panels are quite simple and straightforward. This can be a problem for a more experienced audience and you want to use more detailed features, such as the X-Proxy or the HotSpot Shield offer as Proxy lists, different themes or testing rate constants.

Ease of use is one of the biggest advantages of software, since with a simple click beside the URL you can change the redirection countries or disable the program altogether. The small and straightforward layout contributes to this practicality, since advertisements or complicated commands are nonexistent. For those who want a simple and easy tool to mask your IP, the ZenMate is fairly indicated.